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Opened Paradise - Tides EP - News & Details

The Greek Goths Opened Paradise have poosted the following statement on their facebook page:

"We are currently working on the final details for our Tides EP that will soon be released. It will include six tracks in total. Four brand new ones: Ximbalba, Terra incognita, Omega that are mixed by Artaud Seth (Garden Of Delight, Lutherion, Merciful Nuns) plus the Tides piano instrumental. Our cover version of Opened Paradise -originally by Garden Of Delight- is also included and finally the Blue Lights demo song from the Occult debut album era will be on the EP. We are very proud of the final result, Artaud have done a magnificent job in the mixing giving to the three new songs the sound they deserve, we would like to deeply thank him for this. Stay tuned for more details about the EP to be announced soon". 

Terminal Gods (UK) - Genesis EP (2011)

Robert Maisey (ex The Legion) and Robert Cowlin (ex The Mambles) joined forces and gave birth to a new Gothic Rock band, one of the finest that you would track down in the UK scene. Terminal Gods is the name of the band and their debut Genesis EP released on August 20th, 2011.

If you like The Sisters Of Mercy and Rosetta Stone you would enjoy this EP for sure. "The Gifted And The Damned" interlude will soon give a slot to "The Night Life" track in which all the sisters influences of those newcomers are presented in a full way. Mid tempo and mysterious track, great. The greatest part of this EP is with no doubt the "Shine" track, in a little faster tempo than the previous ones, catchy, dark and powerful this is the band's trademark song for sure. Once again sisters Of Mercy spirit is wondering around the song but this is a positive comment for sure:)

Visit the band's site and order the EP. You will not regret it.


In more details about this worth checking band we got to note that they are already playing some gigs around United Kingdom and they have uploaded some demo stuff on their website... so it is eassy to understand that the band is working hard so we should keep an eye to them for new stuff sooner or later.

Take a look on this video it is one of their still unreleased songs (God Child) is from band's debut concert on St Moritz, Soho, London, UK (12/08/2011).

New EP by Angels Of Liberty (UK).

UK Goths Angels Of Liberty have finished on their new EP called "Black Maddona" check some samplers in this video. Here what the band has to say about it:

"ter what seems like eternal torment The Black Madonna Ep is finally finished. It will go to press next week. :) The songs on it are: Mars & Minerva, Black Madonna, Weaving Spiders Come Not Here, Take Back The Night, One Step Closer, Xephera Xeperu".

NFD are back...

NFD are working on their new album called "Static On My Soul": Some track titles:- Waking The Dead Parts 1 & 2, The Rapture, Lay Some Truth On Me, The Hate That Love Brings, Keep A Light Shining, Let You Fall, Embrace The Day, The Will Inside, To FInd My Heaven.

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The House Of Usher - Pandora's Box (Equinoxe Records)

THOU from Germany is a band proudly standing fr many years on the Gothic Rock scene. They were founded in 1990 by Jörg Kleudgen and Markus Pick. The band’s name is indeed inspired by E.A. Poe’s short story (“The Fall of the House of Usher”). Through the years they have gone through various line up changes, having released many classic records. Their latest one is called "Pandora's Box".

‘Saturn Rising’ is a superb opening track, heavy and atmospheric. The next, ‘Not Your Friend’, opens with a haunting piano but soon breaks into a catchy tune. The follower -which is one of my favorite tunes on the album- is called ‘Consecration’, it is a slower tempo track, well just close your eyes and dive deep into the song, only this way you may feel its secret power. The next one is entitled ‘Coming Home’ and for sure I can point that it is one of the best songs included in the album strong and heavy enough, a dark anthem. ‘How Far Can We Go’ is even darker, and has this oriental touch that makes the track sounding absolutely great.

Another song that stands dark and proudly on this release is no other than ‘Speak by Tongue’, a guitar driven tune that will satisfy you as it carries that classic THOU touch. Of course I should point the ‘Finders Keepers’ song as well that takes straight back to the beginning of the first golden era of Gothic Rock bringing into the mind the mighty Bauhaus.

Well mentioning basically the songs that I liked much from this album I almost mentioned the entire release, the not mentioned ones are not bad but someone can probably call them "fillers" or "weak ones" comparing to the already pointed tunes.

The production is good doing justice to the songs, Jorg's vocals are still the big trademark of the sound while the guitars of Tom O'Connell are still carrying that magical Garden Of Delight touch.

Anyway to sum things up I can assure you that THOU have released a great album, faithful to their classic sound, a release that you would enjoy for sure. For close minded Goths only that still worship the classic bands absolutely not for gay EBM dance floors.


01. Saturn Rising – 6.12
02. Not Your Friend – 4.51
03. Consecration – 5.21
04. Coming Home – 5.31
05. How Far Can We Go – 6.07
06. As Evening Draws On – 6.19
07. To The Glorious Dead – 6.32
08. Love Without Grace – 5.49
09. Where I Belong – 4.40
10. Speak By Tongue – 5.04
11. Finders Keepers – 4.43
12. As It Really Is – 6.33


Jörg Kleudgen – Vocals
Tom O’Connell – Guitars
Georg Berger – Guitars
Ralf Dunkel – Bass
Axel Burgard – Drums


Sombrati's Collection - Vol IV

01 Age Of Heaven - The Providence
02 the NIGHTCHILD - Questions
03 The Danse Society - Revelation
04 Merciful Nuns - Evolution
05 Dead Artist Syndrome - Hope
06 The House Of Usher - I Wanna Know
07 ANKST - Monument
08 Dr. Arthur Krause - Torture
09 Vendemmian - Innocent
10 Wasteland - Revolution
11 Golden Apes - The Silence (That I Call Speech)
12 Address Unknown - Silence
13 †13th Moon† - Countdown To Suicide
14 Cabine C - Pânico e Solidão
15 Coma Divine - Reason To Live
16 XIII. Století - Mystery Ana
17 Frank The Baptist - Visions
18 Midnight Caine - Chant
19 Arts Of Erebus - Pray
20 Midnight Configuration - Chaos Mind

Sombrati that proudly stands behind "Gothic Rock - Still Alive" blog presents the latest -fourth- volume of his compilation that includes some very interesting bands that re presents the Classic Gothic Rock sound. Big names like Merciful Nuns and House Of Usher would catch your attention for sure, on the other hand bands like Golden Ages and Wasteland are worth checking and this compilation is giving you the chance to get introduced to their music. In the days before Internet compilations was a big chance for the new bands to be introduced. This compilation series still manages to get us in touch with some very interesting bands.

Get it from here.

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Angels Of Liberty Interview

The Arcane Delights Interview series goes on and this time we are hosting a band that comes from United Kingdom and states that real Gothic Rock is not dead yet. It is not only the wonderful music included on their debut Mini CD, it is the whole background behind this excellent band. Ladies and Gentlemen: Voe and Scarlet from Angels Of Liberty are here to share their dark music with you. Enjoy. (http://www.angelsofliberty.com)

Lets take a flash back in time and go back to the beginning, so I would like to know when and where the band was created. Who were the founding members. Well you know a little basic info to have the whole thing started. 

(Scarlet) We both met at Whitby in the north of England. We were both creeping around the abbey. As there were no other Goths about we gravitated towards each other. 

(Voe) I'd been involved in Music for years but always in the background. After Xmas 2011 I spent some time putting some sounds together and started building a really old school sounding drum machine with a view to making some Goth Rock. By May 2011 we had the bare bones of a sinister new sound and a few creepy songs. 

(Scarlet) Voes idea originally was that we would get some songs written and then find a singer but I persuaded Voe to do the vocals. 

(Voe) I'm used to Programing Drums and playing instruments but had never tried Vocals. I found it really uncomfortable at first because I'm used to being in the background. I'm happy with it now because it means I don't have to give a song to someone else and have them express it for me. 

Angels Of Liberty is a really good name. Is there any specific concept behind this name? I wonder what kind of liberty is this... and what kind of angels are bringing it? Well after all please tell me: Who has founded the name? 

(Voe) I came up with the name. I liked the paradox inherent in it. Its based loosely on the Greek tale of Prometheus. A man who stole fire from the gods to benefit humanity only to be killed because humanity feared the gift of fire. An Angel of Liberty would be a self governing creature of pure libertarianism not bound by any restrictions, having free expression without a need of guilt or punishment. The liberty would be total but would come with the cost of being branded a Devil by those not free or liberated. It also helped that the other names we had were completely rubbish! 

Was your main goal form the very beginning to play Gothic Rock music or was it built through jamming and practice? Which bands and / or kinds of art can be mentioned as forms of great inspiration or influences for the band? 

(Scarlet) It was 100% the aim from the start to play gothic rock. We dont care if its unpopular. 

(Voe) We felt we would just make the kind of music we grew up with and loved and try and do it as well as we could. 
Having full control over a project means that I'm free to make the kind of music I want. I've been in situations where your either working for other people or have a label or A&R telling you what to do and I didn't want that. We knew from the start the kind of thing we wanted to do. From the start we wanted to create an atmosphere and a feeling we got from Goth in the past and put a our own sinister frame around it. 

(Scarlet) Were also in this silly situation where Goth is now labelled "Traditional" if its Real Goth and almost anything else can be called Goth if theres some kind of dark image. That's was ok up to a point but when you go to a Goth club and you never hear any real Goth being played theres something seriously wrong. As a culture goth has taken a battering, but things are changing! Voe is always saying "Trad? its either Goth or not!". We know we aren't the only ones who like ahem..."Trad" Goth so we wanted to at least try to do something positive for them and or course theres always the young ones who missed out the first time around that want something real goth. 

If you allow me a comment I would point that your music is focused on the golden music wall of 80s and 90sGothic Rock letting Nosferatu to be a serious influence for AOL. Well I can notice a magical touch of Louis DeWray in the vocals, correct me if I am wrong at the end of the day...

(Voe) Nosferatu were an important band for me. I followed them all over the UK on the rise and prophecy tours. I loved their music because it was timeless and beautifully crafted. But I also loved their commitment to Goth, I loved the fact they weren't scared to be called Goths and have a strong sense of theatre. They went beyond being a band and knew the importance of total escapism.

(Scarlet) That's it you've started him off now!

(Voe) I loved the band so much, I'm sure I probably made a pest of myself! I couldn't play a damned thing back then but I would have loved to have been in that band. Some of the older Goths didn't get it at the time. They missed out! There was also nothing that wasn't really well presented or thought out. Every part of the concept was there. They were more than just a band! 

Please give us some information about your debut release “The Monster In Me”, it is an EP that presents AOL to the people. First of all tell us, how many songs does it include and where can we find it?

(Voe) Theres 5 tracks on the cd which because its the first is a little special so its also numbered and signed. Its limited to 666 copies it costs 6.66 UK pounds and is available at www.angelsofliberty.com

I really want to know where have you recorded this little masterpiece, in how many days and how many copies have you pressed?

(Voe) Absolutely everything has been done in our creaky attic by ourselves writing, arrangements to final mastering. Its about as underground as you can get with no fancy technology. I wanted it that way so we could have total control over every aspect of it to make sure we were happy with it. 

Is it a label behind it or is it a private release?

(Voe) Its a bit of both in a way. Secret Sin Records was set up by a friend for us to release on. I'm pretty busy so I wanted to be able to get on with the creative side, the music and art work then hand it over and have someone else sort out the pressing, selling, delivery and finances.

In your very own words how would you describe the music trapped on this EP? 

(Scarlet) Do you realise how difficult that is? A good friend in Baton Rouge said Goth 92 in a bottle. 

(Voe) Creaking floor boards and casket hinges.

(Scarlet) Parchment pages and bat wings. 

(Voe) A few simple dark hymns with a fatter avalanche pounding the cobwebs from your black speaker cones. 

There is also a special publication that fits the EP, a nice booklet with art, lyrics and more, can you please give some info about this? 

(Scarlet) The Blood Chalice book. Its really about going back to the era of things that can be touched and felt in the real world. Back in time when bands created lyric books or fanzines to accompany the music. Its something I personally miss in this world of cheap digital downloads. Its a parchment book with images and lyrics with a 90s gothic rock feel perfect for long pale fingers to explore. 

(Voe) We are sensual creatures and like to hold, feel and draw on the energy of real world things. I'm a huge collector of Goth memorabilia and I take a real pride in the ownership of obscure things. I wanted to be able to give others a taste of something I myself enjoy. I remember the days of GothZines really fondly. Its not a culture that exists since the Internet so I wanted to produce things like that again even if it would mean funding it myself. 

And what if I step back and try to learn some more stuff about on your actual lyrics? Your song titles and band name are great, what is behind? 

(Scarlet) Its the conclusion of a life led in seclusion away from the howl of the masses. We have both reached an age where we have come to accept who and what we are but are fully aware of how others perceive us. 

(Voe) We both feel at times we are in the world but not of it and that consciousness is somehow in the physical world but also alien to it. Isolation of consciousness is going to lead you in different directions from most and give you an individual outlook on existence. I like mysterious things that allude to hidden truths or grand themes. Reoccurring themes for me are dissonance between the subjective world of the mind and the objective world, serpents, ritual, hidden dimensions, the hidden hand in history, personal loss, the search for truth when there is none but what you invent, and vampires which of course offers a whole way of exploring sex, pleasure, loneness and pain. I recon we'd have to be in a Goth rock band to attempt to get away with all that! 

You have decided to press A CD and release it with a special booklet, for sure not the most easy way especially if someone thinks that you can always just unload the music on the Internet and let it go. I guess that you are re presenting a special culture through this movement I am right?

(Scarlet) Yes. Its about resurrecting the good things about the past and shunning all the bad stuff about the present. 

(Voe) Its like pushing a huge rock up a hill but I detest the idea of people buying nothing except a few bytes. Digital downloads would be very cheap and easy but we like to make our life difficult as hell so we can offer something that people can experience and touch in the real world. Its also the way things used to be done and part of our culture is about collecting records and stuff. It makes life more exciting. 

Ok mentioning the culture stuff, I guess that there is much more stuff behind AOL than just a bunch of a good songs. You have already stated this: “Less of a Band more of a Serpent Cult, we have our sights on creating an alchemy between us and fans of Gothic Rock on a small and personal scale for the purpose of re-creating some of the magic we felt so long ago.”. Can you spread some more light (?) on your concept.?

(Voe) Magical thinking is my guilty pleasure! Staged Rituals & Music with repetition and reinforcement can offer those present a glimpse into a transcendental moment or state and apart from shamans its the one thing that Goths do best. In those moments it feels like anything can be achieved and full liberation is close, raising the serpent energy within and making the twined serpents of DNA sing in resonance. This scene only survives because of the passion of the fans and the hard work of the bands. Its the synergy between both the bands and audiences that keeps the fire alive. I'm alluding also to our desire to entertain only those who "get it" and appreciate it, shunning all others, keeping it a cult underground thing and creating a real feeling ceremony and of brotherhood. Id rather operate the band and proceedings like a secret society for a magical elite and create an intimate experience. That is after all how I perceive Goths as a magical elite, as I know of few cultures so bent on their own uniqueness, their self exploration and fearlessness of shadow! 

Well I Guess that all those statements of AOL, match to the fact of confusion, misunderstanding of the fans about the Gothic Rock stuff plus the modern revisionism of bands behind the Gothic Rock scene, with many outsiders to be involved -in many ways- and many bands that musically have nothing to do with Gothic Rock to express themselves this way to sell some more copies. Are you trying to re present Gothic Rock in its original pure way?

(Voe) Theres always been a large gap between those actively involved in the scene and the general public. The general public have no idea what Goth is apart from all the usual cliches which are spoon fed to them by the media. Most people are incapable of exploring things in any depth anyway so will gloss right over Goth culture. I loved the way Nosferatu took the Sisters and Bauhaus and then went right back to the original literary gothic society, weaving myths with really dramatic melodies. That to me is distilled essence of Goth. We wanted to go right back to 92-93 and pick up the thread to see where we could go with it ourselves. We've tried to present it as we heard and felt it but there are differences; its now 2011 and my coffin comes packed with conspiracies.

Do you think that fans of today knows what Gothic Rock is?

(Voe) Didn't Rosetta say that real Goths are old? And That was some time ago! Id imagine some of us older ones do. The problem is each generation perceives what Goth is in a different way. Personally i'm only interested in what it was to me and others of my generation who were actually there and young ones who'd have sold their granny to have been there.

United Kingdom was once the mother-land of Gothic Rock scene. How the things are today down there?

(Voe) People here have always talked about Goth being in decline while its been going on around them in some shape or form. The big bands like The Sisters, The Mission and the Nephs still gig. We've still got Nosferatu but also Grooving in Green and hopefully a new album from Witching hour that I'm waiting for. Things were a bit crap for a while with all the EBM but I think the United Kingdom has still got a great Goth future ahead of her. However I'm really blown away by a lot of things happening else where though. Greece is where its at at the moment with bands like Opened Paradise. Greece looks like the best place to be for Goths right now.

Tell us about your soon to be out Hidden Hand Fanzine. Well this is another part of your stuff that takes me back to Nosferatu.... What will be included in the zine? Only musical stuff or what? When shall we expecting it? 

(Voe) The Hidden Hand was due out at the same time as the EP but the musical side took precedence. Because of the release of the Tape, CD and Blood Chalice book it had to be put on ice. Rather than do a regular Goth zine we've now decided to give it out with copies of the next EP and then take it from there. We wanted to do it to accompany the releases in the spirit of the 90s scene. 

There was a limited tape already given away by the band. It seems that you are really missing the good old days.

(Voe) Indeed, the tape was never sold. It was given out free. Some people had been making a real noise posting our video and talking about us. I decided to release a tape that would be extremely limited as a way of thanking people who were first on the scene offering support. Many of them became really good friends. I've been a recluse for so long and I've been really genuinely touched by the kindness. I still collect tapes now and when I find ones i've been after for years I still feel that magic I did in the 90s. I wanted to share a little of that feeling with my new friends by creating something like that specifically for them. There are only 25 numbered copies!

How difficult or easy is it to re present the special atmosphere of your music on stage? Have you done any shows so far? Do you plan any new ones? 

(Scarlet) We feel less is more with Goth atmosphere. A bit like with good horror movies. Were not planning on lazers and pyrotechnics. 

(Voe) I've played in bands before so theres things you learn. One of them is keeping it simple & sub mixing so you replicate your sound regardless of who the in house mixer at the venue is. What we are planning is to put out another 2nd EP then a full album and Gig to promote it. 

Do you believe in any form of God? Good, Evil or to any religion in general? Your statement about the “Serpent Cult” may help me to fit you straight to the Dark Forces... Or not? 

(Scarlet) Our statement has a two fold nature. On the one hand it hints to the way we are not seeking mass appeal preferring it a cult affair. On the other it is nod towards ancestry and the hidden function of "junk DNA". 

(Voe) I don't see people defined by their religion but by their actions. I don't see good or evil as forces existing objectively outside of our subjective human view point. I believe man creates his gods based on his own needs. As people differ so they will fall out over their gods and that is something I detest. Because people argue and fight easily over myths it makes it easy for a few to impose a tyranny on our everyday lives and life for the enlightened is dangerous. Those who rule us do not care what we believe only that we slave for them to keep them in power and stratified above us. If I had to create a god it would a be a god of fire and fascination as the only thing I follow is what I find fascinating. I don't believe anything of any consequence can be done without first facing your shadow but Light and Darkness mean something different to me. To me light is all that is known, all information thus far discovered. For me living in light would be stale. I would rather explore darkness because darkness means all that is unknown or not explored. It offers new possibilities for learning and insight and via the act of knowing darkness light is created. Darkness to me is not something to fear but the unformed, the is to be, the tomorrow and its more interesting than the past or what is already known. 

The Mission XXV: Athens, Greece plus info for the European shows

Mission live in Greece


Fuzz Club
22 Vouliagmenis Avenue
Athens, Greece

OK, so we promised you some Mission 25th anniversary continental European shows for Oct-Nov and that’s what we have for you. In addition to the previously announced UK shows at London’s Brixton and Leed’s O2 Academy’s (on Oct 22nd and 28th respectively) we are pleased to be able to confirm additional shows in Portugal, Spain, Greece, Holland, Belgium, and Germany. The dates in full are below. Tickets for all shows go on sale tomorrow, Friday 10th June, from all usual outlets and the following websites:

Portugal – http://www.ticketline.pt
Spain – http://www.ticketmaster.es and Sunrecords, Madrid.
Greece – http://www.ticketarena.gr
Holland – http://www.melkeg.nl
Belgium – http://www.sinnersday.com
Germany - http://www.fkpscorpio.com/tickets_konzertsuche.asp


Fri. 14th: Hard Club, Porto, Portugal
Sat. 15th: Santiago Alquimista, Lisbon, Portugal
Sun. 16th: Mirror, Valencia, Spain
Mon. 17th: Bikini, Barcelona, Spain
Tues. 18th: Heineken, Madrid, Spain
Thurs, 20th: Fuzz Club, Athens, Greece
Sat. 22nd: Brixton O2 Academy, London, UK*
Fri. 28th: O2 Academy, Leeds, UK
Sat. 29th: Melkweg, Amsterdam, Netherland
Sun. 30th: Sinners Day Festival, Belgium


Tues. 1st: Stollwerck, Cologne, Germany
Wed. 2nd: Guenspan, Hamburg, Germany

(*Besides London where we have already announced FOTN and GLJ as our very special guests,

support and special guests for the other shows will be announced at a later stage.)

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Merciful Nunns - Infinite Visons - Out 12-08-2011

Well new stuff is coming out from Merciful Nuns. The Infinite Visions DVD and CD will be out on 12-08-2011 through Solar Lodge.

Here is the tracklist:

a full concert recorded at SO36, Berlin - 23.04.2011


1. The Portal
2. Hypogeum II
3. Body Of Light
4. Nunhood
5. Evolution
6. The Eclipse
7. The Seal
8. Sanctuary
9. God / Aeon
10. Ancient Astronauts
11. Megalithic Dreams


a ritual soundtrack for our darkest moments

part I: the sound of Nibriu
part II: the 12th planet
part III: the Anunnaki

INFINITE VISIONS DVD/CD is a full concert on DVD recorded at SO36, Berlin plus "a ritual soundtrack for our darkest moment" on CD!

Pre-order "Infinite Visons" 6panal DigiPak under http://www.MercifulNuns.com.

Watch the trailer here:

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Angels of Liberty

If you are somehow missing the classic Gothic Rock of the 80s and 90s, I guess this new band from the United Kingdom is totally for you. It is not only their great music included on their debut Mini CD "The Monster In Me", it is their general attitude that re presents Gothic Rock the way it was the classic, good old days. Here is the band's statement from their website:

Formed in 2011 in the UK, Angels of Liberty are a brand new UK Gothic Rock band. Our aim is to create Gothic Rock for the elite few left who are still proud to call themselves Goths, those who, with their passion and will, tend to the Black Flame. So, More than a little fashionably late, showing clear signs of erotic crystalization inertia and with moth eaten frock coats, here we are.

The first few drops from our blood stained chalice have just become available from Secret Sin Records in the form of the 'Monster In Me' EP. Less of a Band more of a Serpent Cult, we have our sights on creating an alchemy between us and fans of Gothic Rock on a small and personal scale for the purpose of re-creating some of the magic we felt so long ago.

While the bloodlines tighten their grip in a bid for control of the New Dawn, Angels of Liberty have laid out their agenda in their zine 'The Hidden Hand". Perhaps after listening you will join us as a co-conspirator and help us raise up this Empire of Decay and birth a new generation of Goths to be baptised in the blood of the old sound?

This video showcases the songs on the Angels of Liberty fan tape. The tapes are all gone with all numbered and signed copies now reserved for goths whove become fans and helped spread the word. The tape unleashes five gothic rock tracks on a signed numbered tape. The tape itself is a plastic tamper proof cassette where the label is parchment inside the cassette itself. The inlay card is also parchment and signed by the band. They will go out to an elite few Goths who have made all the effort worth while. They will receive the tape along with the forthcoming realease on CD along with a wax sealed parchment scroll and other goodies.

Except for the music the band is working on some other interesting project, for example they are preparing their own Fanzine entitled The Hidden Hand. There is also a very interesting booklet produced by the band that feature lyrics of the Mini CD plus some more art. You can visit their website and grab all the latest information about the band. I guess that everyone seriously involved into Gothic Rock music should pay attention to this new band on their first steps, I am sure that they are going to make their own very special saga into the pantheon of Gothic rock music and that we shall hear many more by them in the future.

The band is already answering their first interview for AD.

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With this post we want to express our total brotherhood, union and respect to Gothland. Gothland (Real Goth Greece) is a promotional movement started on the Internet many moons ago to promote Gothic Rock music. This movement is using popular social networks and other Internet places to promote Gothic Rock music mainly through videos. Gothland includes a MySpace webpage, a YouTube chanel and a FaceBook Page and there you can find a wide section of official and unofficial Gothic Rock videos. All this stuff gives the chance to everyone interested to check out some great Gothic Rock bands. Gothland keeps an absolute close minded and pure artistic background promoting only the REAL Gothic Rock Stuff. No fake stuff, not EBM, Industrial or pseudo-electro, only worth checking Gothic Rock bands at its best songs on Gothland.

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THE MISSION UK - The Crystal Ocean (Live 1987)

The Mission
Crusade Live Aylesbury Friars
The Crystal Ocean

THE MISSION - 25h Anniversary Celelbration

The Mission celebrate their 25th anniversary by reforming for a show at London’s Brixton O2 Academy on Saturday 22nd October and we are very pleased to be able to announce that joining us in the festivities for the evening will be very special guests, Fields Of The Nephilim. Also just confirmed for the opening slot are are Gene Loves Jezebel. The Mission’s vocalist Wayne Hussey says:

“So, when I was asked if I would like to play a London show celebrating the 25th anniversary of The Mission my immediate thought was how can I make this more memorable and more of an event than the four sold out Shepherd Bush shows we played back in early 2008? What, exactly, would our audience really like to see? My first thought was to try and persuade the original line-up of the band to get together again - so, with reluctant promises of no sex and no drugs and a treadmill on the tour bus I managed to persuade Craig Adams and Simon Hinkler to join me for the show. And we’ll only be playing songs from the albums we actually recorded together so it’ll be all the early ‘hits’ and more, and none of any of that recent bollocks and I promise, no new songs. If you want new songs then get yourself along to one of my solo shows next time I’m on tour. Yeah, this Mission show, it’s gonna be all about nostalgia.

Then I turned my mind to the issue of who could I ask to join us that would elevate the evening from merely a wondrous celebratory occasion to one of complete nirvana for the average Mission fan. A band that our audience would love to see play with us. A band that has a history and musical legacy as rich as ours, a band that invokes a dedication and attracts zealots just as The Mission does. A band that mean’t something in 1986 when we started and still does today. A band that, amazingly, we’ve never ever shared a stage with before. Got it. Only one answer. Fields Of The Nephilim. Perfect.”

It promises to be a night never to forget and an exciting way to celebrate 25 years of The Mission with two of the very best British bands of that period and will be the hottest ticket of the season. And to commence the proceedings for the evening will be the venerable and evergreen Gene Loves Jezebel.


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'Sense' new single by Adoration

This is the return of this great Gothic Rock baad from United Kingdom. "Sense" is their new single and this is the promo video. It was released on 4/6/11 and it is available through itunes and other digital online stores.

Adoration formed in London in 2003 by Stephen Carey (formerly of Ireland’s This Burning Effigy) together with vocalist John Stone. After an initial flurry of activity during which the band supported bands such as Red Lorry Yellow Lorry and All About Eve, they decided to cocoon themselves in the studio to write and record their first album, with Lee-Anne Burgess joining them on bass in 2006. Owing to Steve’s other musical commitments (NFD, Eden House) this was a lengthy process.

In September 2008 the 3 piece finally released their long awaited debut studio album ‘Sleepwalking’.


The First Aphorism: Dronning Maud Land

Dronning Maud Land from Germany is one of the most inspired Gothic Rock bands that have passed from the scene. Their saga was sort but their releases are still mentioned as big influence for many bands as as top favorites by many fans -myself included-. The saga of the band was sort however they have left behind some excellent pieces of music. The reference to this great band will start with the reviews of their first two releases. We shall have more DML coming into the page but for now anyone that is not aware of them should start discovering this band by those two releases, you will never regret it, believe me. Well I have first written those two reviews back on August of 2007 for the official DML page of MySpace that a good friend of mine and I started together back on the day.

Dronning Maud Land – Alteration (Maxi CD – Glasnost Music - 1994)

The Alteration Maxi CD was released back in 1994 by Glasnost Music under the matrix code GLAS 22, containing four tracks it is the second release by this German Gothic Rock act. It includes the song "Cry For Happy" –originally from the debut- but here you can listen it to a different –"Alterated" is the name that is used by the band in here- version. The song remains great as a composition but I prefer the original version. Moving to the next track we will have the chance to listen "Spirits", a mid tempo, foggy Gothic Rock song, for sure it is not the band's best composition but it remains interesting. "Chains Of Fear", is one of the most FOTN-ish tracks of Dronning Maud Land and to be more specific it captures that Rock 'N' Roll feeling that Fields used to spread in some of their songs, you would enjoy it even better if you are drunk or something, on an opposite situation you would simply point it –as I did- as the fastest and wildest song on this Maxi CD. The musical epilogue in here is something that hardly can be described with words. Due to this song I would add the "Alteration" release very close to the top of my favorite Mni / Maxi CDs, EPs, 7'' / 12'' / CD Single releases. Yes folks, I am referring to the amazing "Roses For Margie" track. A deep, emotional and mournful Gothic Rock anthem, a hymn to romanticism, an ode to the cold sorrow that the –with no reason- Death of a beloved (love? What it is? Anyway out of topic…) person brings. Just listen to the way that Carsten sings this song, just dive into its deep melody, just wait for its –full of mourn and anger- crescendo and you MAYBE could grab the chance to understand what Gothic Rock REALLY means…This track is enough to make this release a must for every serious fan of this type of music (no it is not only music but anyway…) and of course I am referring the real think, the original Maxi CD and not any kind of dump mp3. I would finish here adding the fact that –apart for my own opinion and list- DML remains on the pantheon of Gothic Rock and one of the strongest reasons, is included in this release, so go out there and grab it.

Dronning Maud Land – Aphorism (CD – Glasnost Records – 1993)

Take a most careful look into the back catalogue of the –now inactive- Glasnost Records and stop to the number 13 (GLAS 013), yes you got it right folks, this is the debut album of Germany's Dronning Maud Land, I really do not know if the number 13 into the matrix code of this release was a spooky trick or something, the fact is that in here we got a Gothic Rock masterpiece. Nine tracks… yes they are enough to capture they gray painted skies and bring them straight into your stereo speakers. You may ask for more details after reading all these. Ok you going to have them. The music of Dronning Maud Land is mostly based into the crystal clear guitar melodies built under a solid but progressive rhythm section. In here you would not discover the monolithic drum and bass rhythm section of your everyday Gothic Rock band. Drum and bass lines are getting more complex, making the songs to sound even more rich and interesting. Melodic themes and atmospheric musical lines built by guitars and NOT by keyboards is the main feature in here. Keyboards are offering the last musical pieces of gray wherever they are sounding. Of course I left the vocals to be my last mention in this text cause for sure are the strongest feature in this album. I am sure that once you hear the vocals of DML you would never forget them not for the reason that they got a special sound or whatever but mostly due to the fact that every single vocal line is sang with such passion and feeling that ends to be DML's trademark. Mournful and cold as ice the vocals in here are nothing more or nothing less than a strong and unforgettable musical experience for every listener. Do not ask me to pick a specific song from the nine tracks that are included n here simply because Aphorism is an album that got to be heard form the beginning to the end, with the booklet of the lyrics in one hand and a glass of wine in the other. This is just the beginning of the journey….


Opened Paradise (GR)

The Greeks Opened Paradise were formed in the summer of 2003. Through music they wanted to express feelings and thoughts that were kept inside and had to breathe. Up till now they have shared the stage with names such as Fields of the Nephilim, Garden Of Delight, Nosferatu, Clan of Xymox, Paradise Lost, Type O Negative, Moonspell, Rotting Christ, Theatre Of Tragedy, Arcturus, Elusive and many more. On March 2005 they’ve participated on ‘Beyond the Veil III” Festival which was held in Leeds (UK). Their debut album “Occult” reached the stores On 2006 and has earned very good reviews by the Greek and foreign press. The band was put on ice for a very long time but now they are returning back on their original line up. A 5 track EP is scheduled to be released soon, meanwhile their debut will be re released on vinyl and CD.

The band's latest participation is on the sampler CD Greek Underground Scene -a limited edition impended release- featuring their unreleased song Blue Lights

Bellow you can read the interview I have done with the band back on 2005. I was in Thessaloniki, Greece, back then (those were the days):

It sounds strange for Greece the land of the sun to have such a dark and well-kept secret as Opened Paradise. So let's move back in the beginning. How the journey started? What was the main goal of the band back in the first days of formation?

Hello Chris and thank you for giving us the opportunity to present ourselves through your site. Opened Paradise were formed late in the summer of 2003. There was no plan or a certain goal, rather than to express our feelings and deeper emotions through music. This was and still is our priority. If we don’t enjoy what we’re doing, there’s no need to be doing it. We are glad to notice though, that there are people out there who share the same thoughts we do.

I would put your music straight to the Gothic Rock genre with influences form bands like Garden Of Delight and Fields Of The Nephilim. Is that ok for you? Do you want to create a special sound of your own or just re produce what the big ones have made years before in order to keep the dark flame alive?

We never denied the fact that Fields Of The Nephilim and Garden Of Delight are bands that influenced our music. These two bands among with Nosferatu are the checkpoint for the members of Opened Paradise. Further on, every one of us listens to different kinds of music. It has to do with the emotional situation we’re going through. It’s not gothic or metal, or whatever it is. Labels only exist to put limits in people’s heads. Fuck the limits. It is just music, and everybody should feel free to express himself through it. Surely we want to keep the flame alive, but following exactly the same steps is not progress…it’s lack of imagination.

Tell us about your debut CD. It was recorded from May until July 2004. Has it been released finally? Have you released it by yourselves or are you still in contact with a record label in order to make it released?

No. The CD has not been released yet. We’re in touch with a record label, but I don’t see things working out. “Occult” will be released by ourselves, through the website early in 2006.

Artaud Seth (Garden Of Delight, Lutherion) and Sakis Tolis (Rotting Christ) have done the mastering and the mixing of the album. How it was to work with such important persons of the dark music community?

Both of them helped us a lot with the sound we wanted to create. They have a way of doing things… you always feel as everything is working out fine. No anxiety, no pressure and things seem to evolve on their own. We were listening to Rotting Christ and Garden Of Delight years before our collaboration, so it was also a great chance to meet the creators of each band in person.

I notice Opened Paradise to break the limits of Greece in order to play live. Tell us about your live experiences in UK (Beyond The Veil III" Festival). Which one of the many live shows that you have given would be marked as the best one for you? How easy to bring the atmosphere of the CD on stage?

We played in England on March 2005. It was quite different than any other show we had. The feeling that we were going to play abroad for the first time. It gave us tremendous energy knowing that we were going to present Opened Paradise to a foreign country. Then it had to do with the organization. The promoter really cares for the bands and supports them from the beginning to the very end. It’s sad to say that I’ve never seen this in Greece so far. In my opinion we’re years away from that. Maybe the promoters in Greece should pay more attention also to the local groups. There are guys out there who really deserve to be known.

On the other hand, it would be unfair to name a “best” concert. All of them had something to give. England had to do with experience. What you discover is something completely different. Then again the live show with Moonspell on April. I was amazed by the way people embraced us that night. To be honest, I didn’t expect it to be like that at all.

We try to do our best wherever and whenever we play. The atmosphere has to do with the individuals participating in Opened Paradise. Everyone delivers his best self. It is like were going through purgatory while we’re on stage… We cleanse our souls. So, whatever the outcome is, it ought to create the atmosphere that surrounds the band.

Tell us about your participation on December Darkness Festival with Arcturus, Theatre Of Tragedy and Siva Six. How it was organized? It will also be your first ever live in Thessalonica (Greece). Am I right?

It is something that popped out of nowhere. We thank the promoter for the chance he is giving us to share with you guys our music for the first time, and also to share the stage with names such as Arcturus and Theatre Of Tragedy.

Are you preparing something special for that very first show on Northern Greece?

We’ll just try to do our best in order to please ourselves and the people who are going to be there.

It is time, for a more general question now... Are there any valuable Gothic Rock bands in our country that you may want to propose to the people that are into this genre?

I am not able to judge who is valuable and who is not, and I don’t want to put labels on music. Some of the Greek bands that I like in general are ”The Illusion Fades” and the old “Ding An Sich”.

What is your opinion about Gothic Rock scene in general? Worldwide I am noticing that the old good scene including the "big ones" like FOTN, GOD and many others has begun to fade away. On the other hand we have the Gothic genre to become a serious trend mixed by electro and industrial stuff. Many good bands have faded away (Droning Maud Land is probably one of the saddest examples, fortunately House Of Usher are still active) and on the other hand much more many trendy bands talking about hearts and roses appear on the scene. The spirit is getting lost somehow. What is your opinion about that?

Let me disagree with you concerning Fields Of The Nephilim. I don’t know if you have purchased their new album “Mourning Sun”, so I’ll only say that it sounds to me as a very inspired and deeply emotional concept. On the other hand Garden Of Delight have been put to rest by Artaud Seth, but his new band, Lutherion seem to be going on fairly well. I left Dronning Maud Land on their “Bedlam” album and I don’t know what’s going on right now. I was never a fan of House Of Usher so my opinion is not important.

I am not into Electro and Industrial. Lets just say that they don’t express the way I feel. From what I see nevertheless, a lot of people seem to be drawn by these genres, so maybe it is time for Electro and Industrial to leave their mark in the music scene. Who knows? It’s not only what “you” like and want in life; it is also what is going on around the walls that “you” put yourself behind.

Concerning the bands that talk about “hearts and roses”… Lyrics are as much important as music. If somebody feels fulfilled with songs talking about “hearts and roses” its ok by me. I think though that there are things in life other than just hearts beating and “wonderful”, “passionate” deaths. Sure, romance is just a part in life, but I find nothing romantic about death. Somebody dies and the rest remain. The pain remains.

The spirit and the energy it has move on or falls backwards.

Thanks for your time close the interview as you like….

“Even the biggest journey starts with the first step”


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